Payment Methods and Security

 1 - Cash On Delivery (COD) FOR 2 USD: preferred courier delivers the order to you. You only pay in cash upon delivery. For COD orders a USD 2 fixed fee is applicable in addition to the delivery charge.

2- Customer loyalty and rewards

With every USD 10 spend on, you will collect 1 reward point. Every 5 reward point can be converted into a USD 1 voucher. Which you can apply on future purchases from

Note that points are awarded upon payment acceptance and will be cancelled in case the order was cancelled for any reason. In case of return and refund the points will be cancelled as well.

3- Delivery deliver orders through a third party preferred carrier. This carrier is not free and the delivery usually will take place in 48 to 72 Hours. This shipping period might be exceeded without prior notice or due to unexpected events.

The shipping cost is calculated according to the proposed delivery zones.